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    Personalization Matters

    As technology advances, personal connection regresses. All industries are shifting from human to human interaction to automation.

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    #1 advantage we deliver to hospitals and health systems transitioning toward value-based care

    With an optimized, cost-efficient courier model, Lab Logistics gives hospitals and health systems more time to focus on patients in an evolving value-based care environment.

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    How to achieve an average 98.5%+ on-time delivery rate

    Whether it's ambient, refrigerated and frozen specimens or instrumental medical supplies, our experienced couriers and dedicated dispatchers understand that sooner and safer transportation is the priority.

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    Providing Advanced Medical Courier Services to over 250 Hospitals and Labs, and growing!

    We're happy and proud to now be serving over 250 labs, hospitals, and health systems across North America!

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    2 Ways A Personalized Courier Service Team Helps You Grow

    When you pair our advanced, proprietary technology with the personalized services of our highly experienced team, you get a medical courier service with the momentum to save on costs and introduce opportunities to grow your business.

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    Happy National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

    This week — and every week — our Lab Logistics team thanks the laboratory professionals who have dedicated their time and expertise contributing to such an important endeavor.

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    Courier Technology You Can Trust

    In an industry as sensitive as medical delivery, your trust should be earned through transparency – a hands-on approach and a direct look into the real-time transport process.

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    3 Signs You Need a New Medical Courier Service ASAP

    It’s no secret that cost-effective courier services are crucial to the success of every laboratory, lab technician, hospital, and doctor out there. The trick is knowing inefficiency when you see it and finding a customized solution that shaves your costs and maximizes your speed.

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    How We Help Deliver Patient-Focused Care While Saving On Medical Courier Costs

    A new year brings new resolutions for individuals and organizations alike to reassess what they’re doing right and what can be improved upon.

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    Happy Holidays from Lab Logistics!

    As the holiday season moves into the new year, our team is thankful for an excellent 2018 improving 150+ hospitals and medical labs across North America.

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    Providing 150+ Hospitals and Labs With Superior Courier Models

    Our team operates every day in gratitude as we consistently set, improve upon, and deliver the professional standard of customized medical courier workflows.

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    An Exceeding 98.5% On-Time Rate With The Highest Quality Medical Courier Service

    According to a Navigant Consulting analysis, if hospitals improve their supply chain operations and utilize data, they have the potential to save $25.4 billion.

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    How Labs Can Save As Medicare Reimbursement Is Cut

    Last week a group of clinical labs lost a legal challenge to the current Medicare reimbursement cut, marking a crucial time for labs across the U.S. to assess their operations and optimize into cost-effective solutions.

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    We are expanding our services in Denver, New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville!

    Our team continues to provide the highest quality medical courier services across the U.S. and Canada.

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    How we make it easy for hospitals and health systems to make it easy for their patients

    How do we help hospitals and health systems not only keep pace and retain clients, but also thrive and grow business in this evolving landscape?

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    We are proud to announce we are currently expanding our services in California, Texas, and Louisiana!

    Established on both coasts and across borders, Lab Logistics is delivering our advanced medical courier services to hospitals, labs, and health systems across North America.

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    Thank You CLMA KnowledgeLab 2018!

    A big Thank You to all who attended CLMA’s KnowledgeLab 2018 in Long Beach California and took the time to visit our Lab Logistics Exhibiter Booth! For four days, this event...

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    Your Professional Courier Consultants this week in Chicago

    We are in full swing here in Chicago this week at the Becker's Hospital Review 9th Annual Meeting as a Gold Level Exhibitor. Visit us at Booth #1008 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago to discover more on how we deliver the advantages to hospitals, health systems, and labs.

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    Delivering the highest-valued courier service while saving clients up to 40% in costs

    Three months into 2018 and we are continuing to see a unique shift in health care.

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    Connecting Growing Healthcare Networks

    As healthcare networks expand, the efficiency and consistency of their lab services is a must for growth. That's where we come in.

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    With recent cuts to laboratory reimbursement rates, how do health systems and labs save on costs and gain competitive advantage?

    With change comes adaptability and the experience to optimize, implement, and manage courier models that place our clients ahead. Lab Logistics consistently saves health systems and labs 18-40% in medical courier costs.

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    Our Signature Route Tracking Technology Gives You Complete Visibility

    This time of year it seems especially apparent that time is of the essence when it comes to punctual and dependable delivery of precious items for a stress-free customer experience. Lab Logistics operates in this mindset every day of the year.

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    Company Growth Drives New Brand Identity

    Lab Logistics launches new brand image, including a fresh brand mark and cutting-edge responsive website.

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