We pride ourselves on staying up to date with industry trends and news. Advanced healthcare technology and innovations present numerous opportunities for improving and transforming the healthcare industry. These innovations are not only beneficial for us as medical couriers, but for our clients too. 

Recently, researchers from various institutions collaborated to develop “a non-conventional machine learning-based technology for identifying and measuring biomarkers to detect ovarian cancer without the need for molecular identification elements, such as antibodies.

Although this method differs greatly from what’s currently available, it has the potential to largely impact how individuals are tested for ovarian cancer – perhaps even decreasing cost and turnaround time at some point. The current best clinical laboratory tests for ovarian cancer only have 84% sensitivity with 98% specificity while this new technology detected high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma in serum samples from symptomatic individuals with 87% sensitivity at 98% specificity. 

Why is this important? According to the American Cancer Society – this year alone about 19,880 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer while 12,810 women will die from the disease. Although more research needs to be done and clinical trials conducted, it’s possible that one day ovarian cancer may be detected faster and more accurately than what is available now, which means fast, reliable specimen transport will become even more crucial in the process.

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