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Online Ordering

Our online order entry system is simple, easy to use, and accessible from any location.
  • We provide customized individual address books.
  • You will receive confirmation emails when the order is received, when it’s picked up by one of our professional couriers, and when it’s delivered.

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Barcode Scanning & GPS Tracking

Our customized software, full integrated barcode scanning and GPS allows for real-time tracking and a history of courier and specimen locations.
  • Our barcode scanning solution allows us to verify that your courier was at your client’s location or lock box at a specific date and time.
  • We verify each pickup through a unique barcode associated with every scheduled stop on every route.
  • Our scanning solution has the ability to track individual bags picked up from every office we service (system requires a unique barcode for each bag).

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Route Tracking & Visibility

We provide route tracking through our advanced GPS technology.
  • Allows for visibility of inbound route and specimen shipments.
  • Verifies courier route in real-time.
  • Verifies courier route history within seconds of your request.
  • Optimizes routing and stop sequence.

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Online Tools & Reporting

Online system provides easy to use order entry & reporting functions.
  • Custom manifests are visible online for complete transparency of every courier route.
  • Volume Expectation Reports (VEX) - our unique custom report identifying scheduled stops that may not be meeting your volume expectations.

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