Whether you are looking to begin a partnership with a medical courier system, or already have an established relationship, the goal should always be improvement. Medical couriers work as a support system to caregivers in the healthcare industry, allowing patient care to remain their primary focus – we focus on ensuring your pick-ups and deliveries are as seamless as possible. By outsourcing your courier services to a company like Lab Logistics, clients find improvements in efficiency, reduced costs, and increased quality control and assurance. 

Familiarity and Dedication

At Lab Logistics, familiarity is combined with dedication to reach success. Each of our clients is assigned a specific courier, dispatcher, and account manager, allowing the team to familiarize themselves with the client’s location, route, staff, and expectations. As a result, each client becomes familiarized with their team, with their dedicated dispatcher becoming their one point of constant contact and communication. 

Time = Money

We recognize that in handling your necessary, and often life-saving materials, your time is both crucial and costly. We take this seriously. Before beginning with a new client, Lab Logistics analyzes your current system to find any and all opportunities to improve turnaround time and workflow. With years of experience in the industry, and our senior management team holding over 100 years of combined experience, we can find these small changes that create big savings. 

Keeping your Focus on Patient Care

You shouldn't have to worry about mishandled materials or delayed deliveries, you want to keep your focus on delivering the best patient care possible. Leave the shipping, pick-ups, and handling of your materials to us. 

If you want more information on our medical courier services, contact us or call 855.522.5644 to discuss how Lab Logistics can help.