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LL FB Feb2

Partly from the recent cuts to lab reimbursement rates, medical labs, hospitals, and health systems are looking for solutions to optimize and save while delivering on value for their patients.

Evidence of this can be referenced in the recent merging of hospitals and healthcare companies. As healthcare networks expand, the efficiency and consistency of their lab services is a must for growth. As partnerships are made, the coordination and overall control of key operations can become obvious issues.

That's where we come in.

Lab Logistics works with the largest hospitals, health systems, and labs in the United States and Canada to increase their efficiency in medical courier transportation. Our only focus is the medical laboratory industry, which means a sharper focus in creating, implementing, and managing dedicated fleet solutions for our clients that save them up to 40% in annual courier costs. In this way, we work together to deliver the highest valued experience for their customers.

This is partly achieved by providing hospitals, health systems, and labs with our advanced proprietary technology through which we give them complete transparency of their medical courier operations as customized and managed by our team of professionals. Ease of mind in knowing that their medical courier services are operating at the optimal level, means more time gained for our clients to focus on growth.

Discover more about how our advanced proprietary technology saves our clients on annual courier expenses.