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To accommodate the changing landscape in the healthcare industry — lower healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes — more hospitals and health systems are looking for ways to adapt from a fee-for-service model to a value-based model in patient care and reimbursement.

Hospitals and health systems are now tasked with focusing less on the quantity of patients they serve, and more on how well they care for each individual patient.

In a value-based model, hospitals and health systems are reimbursed and receive incentives for “meeting quality measures and the general overall health of their patient population.” Such measures include reducing hospital readmissions and improving preventative care.

What does this mean for hospitals and health systems?

Rising to the challenge. Creating a value-based care environment to give patients, doctors and staff the best experience and outcomes. And this, in large part, means optimizing cost-efficient systems to give doctors and staff more time to focus on patients.

That is the key advantage Lab Logistics provides: time.

With advanced proprietary technology and a thorough understanding of a client’s current courier model, we create a new model that gets lab specimens transported on time, every time. Doctors and staff do not have to wonder or worry about the effectiveness of their medical courier operations. Instead, they can take more time to focus on the well-being of their patients and, consequently, the growth of their business.

As the healthcare landscape and patient care continue to evolve, Lab Logistics is already there, and will keep optimizing to always place our clients proactively ahead.