Last month, we discussed how Lab Logistics stands out in the medical industry with our cutting-edge, innovative technology solutions that create seamless medical courier services for our clients. What separates us even more amongst our competitors in this space, is our stellar team that collaborates to ensure our processes and services run as smoothly as possible.  

Together, our team creates a tree that is fully in bloom throughout the entire year and all of the seasons.

Today, we would like to highlight three of the main leaves, or core roles on our robust tree, to share their unique responsibilities and functions. The collaboration amongst these roles is what makes Lab Logistics the premier provider of medical courier services in the healthcare industry in the U.S.


At the core of our tree, handling the physical aspect of all specimen pickups and deliveries, our more than 2,800 dedicated medical couriers serve medical laboratories, hospitals, and health systems throughout the United States. For our established and experienced couriers who often exceed a 98.5% on-time rate, consistency is key. Couriers are compliant with OSHA, IATA, TSA, and HIPAA regulations. They are all equipped with barcode scanners, GPS, specimen transport coolers, spill kits, and identification badges.


Our dedicated dispatchers serve as the intermediary between labs and medical couriers, providing a single point of contact for our clients, and facilitating day-to-day operations. They make it their mission to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of our client's needs, and to provide efficiency and stellar client service.

Account Managers

One of the first steps Lab Logistics takes when we begin working with a new client, is to assign that client their own dedicated account manager, who will be the facilitator for all communication.  Each account manager thoroughly understands our clients’ business, people, and expectations, and serves as the single point of contact, receiving any changes, and expansions to our clients’ courier programs. Our account managers regularly communicate with sales teams in order to exchange valuable client information.  

While there are many different leaves on the Lab Logistics tree, together these leaves have created the premier medical courier services provider in the U.S.