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24 7 365 Still

We make it easy and seamless for lab technicians and medical industry professionals to access and track our courier services from their smart devices. We also know, though, that having a dedicated courier team (with real people) at the ready makes a crucial difference in keeping operations optimized to not waste the time and resources of our clients.

What are two ways this personal and reliable type of courier service can benefit a lab, hospital or health system?

  1. Having dedicated dispatchers.

    Whether our experienced dispatcher team is at your site or at a centralized location, they are your single point of contact 24/7/365, becoming fluent in your daily operational needs, and often to the point of anticipating those needs before you realize them.

  2. Having a dedicated account management team.

    Lab Logistics assigns to you a dedicated account manager who knows and understands your business, team, clients, and expectations. They are in constant communication with your team, using experience and real data to provide valuable client information and guidance on any changes or expansion to your dedicated courier system.

When you pair our advanced, proprietary technology with the personalized services of our highly experienced team, you get a medical courier service with the momentum to save on costs and introduce opportunities to grow your business, while consistently helping to deliver a higher level of patient care.