When it comes to the role of a medical courier, the delivery of each specimen and transported material needs to be efficient for client satisfaction, and for the safety of all equipment and specimen samples. To ensure our client’s materials arrive safely and in optimal condition, Lab Logistics prioritizes the timeliness of deliveries and uses advanced technology to ensure we hit the mark. This is why advanced barcode scanning systems and GPS tracking solutions are implemented every step of the way at Lab Logistics. 

Trust in the Lab Logistics Team

When materials are entrusted into the hands of a Lab Logistics courier, clients don’t have to simply hope for the best. Instead, clients can track their materials in real-time from pick-up to delivery, through an advanced GPS tracking system in the same way that our team can. This way, clients truly see what we see, and we work as a team. 

Not only can the Lab Logistics team view and verify every pick-up, delivery, and stop along the way with a unique barcode, but our barcode scanning solution systems allow us to create individual barcodes for not only each delivery as a whole but each bag as well so that no item is lost or misplaced.

Why Is This So Important?

Of course, every company wants to provide excellent customer service, and no one ever aims for delayed deliveries. So why is it that Lab Logistics knows that in the medical courier industry timeliness is even more crucial? There are a few reasons:

  • The materials we handle are often necessary or even life-saving medical materials. A delayed delivery of a specimen could mean far more than an unsatisfied client, it could mean a damaged necessary material. With our advanced technology, like our barcode scanning solutions, Lab Logistics can verify when our couriers are at each client’s location, where they stopped, and where each individual item was throughout the process.
  • Managing these specimens might seem simple to get from one stop to the next, but it is far more complex than it sounds, and ensuring the correct specimen gets to the correct location on time is crucial. Lab Logistics can maintain accuracy and performance with our real-time cloud-based tracking software systems.
  • With accurate directions to each client and lab, as well as unique barcodes for each specimen, labor hours are optimized to keep costs down and time isn’t wasted. 

Confidence in Our Solutions

Systems used in the past, without advanced technology, were more prone to error and mistakes, but with Lab Logistics’ GPS tracking and barcode scanning solutions, we’re confident in properly handling our client’s materials and getting them where they need to go. Knowing our clients can see what we see, and track what we track, is an added bonus and sense of security for all involved! If you have any questions about the technology used or the services we offer, please contact us, or call us at 855.522.5644.