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We live in a culture where people want results now. When an individual wants something, they want it now; instant gratification. This theme doesn’t fall short in the medical industry. When individuals come down with an illness, they want to know what is wrong with them and they want to know now.

Our dedicated team of professionals understand the culture that we live in and the industry that we work in. We know that people don’t want to be sick. We know that doctors and clinicians want to do all that they can for their patients in a timely manner. We understand the stress and anxiety individuals face when they are waiting on test results. We understand the importance of getting results fast.

That is what sets us apart for other logistics companies, we understand. That is why here at Lab Logistics, our sole focus is the medical industry. We focus solely on the healthcare industry so that we can provide all our clients with the best possible courier experience. Each of our clients receives their own dedicated team of professionals made up of couriers, dispatchers, and managers. Your team is tailored and designed specifically to meet the needs of your healthcare establishment and the patients you serve.

All our couriers are trained, dedicated professionals. They are compliant in OSHA, IATA, TSA, and HIPAA regulation. All couriers are well versed in the proper handling and transportation of ambient, refrigerated, and frozen specimens. Our dispatchers are available to you 24/7 and are thoroughly familiar with the needs of you and your clients. Our managers are your managers. They are dedicated to meeting and surpassing your desires and expectations. Due to our highly trained couriers, dedicated dispatchers, and use of advanced technology, we are able to provide our clients with a 98.5% on-time rate and 24/7/365 support. We cultivate the best possible teams so that you can deliver the best and fastest possible care to your patients.

At Lab Logistics we acknowledge the important role we play in individuals getting results, in individuals getting the care that they need. We understand this culture of “instant gratification”. Allow us to service your healthcare establishment, allow us to help you help your patients.