You may need some convincing as to why using a medical courier service is critical to ensuring the delivery of sensitive items...or maybe you don’t need any convincing at all. At Lab Logistics we ensure all specimens and pharmaceuticals are safely and efficiently delivered, on time. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why partnering with a courier company like Lab Logistics is a smart business decision.

  1. Reliability: With over 100 years of combined experience, Lab Logistics is synonymous with reliability; being reliable is ingrained in our company culture, and we take great pride in our successful track record. 
  2. Speed: Lab Logistics prioritizes speed during deliveries and utilizes a fast, efficient, and accurate method to accomplish this.
  3. Safety: The safety of our clients, employees, and the specimens we pick up and deliver is paramount throughout the entire medical courier service we provide. 
  4. Economical: Our advanced technology and software have allowed us to keep our costs low and affordable while providing optimized service; we have saved our clients 18-40% in courier costs.
  5. Time: Time is often of the essence when a specimen pick-up and delivery needs to take place within specific parameters; we ensure that we achieve timeliness in this process, and our on-time service level consistently remains above 98.5%.
  6. Liability: We take accountability for every aspect of our medical courier service experience.
  7. Scheduling: We are organized, creating a schedule that is easy for everyone to access and follow during the process of specimen pick-up and delivery.
  8. Support: Our entire team is here to provide support along the way, from our dedicated account managers to our dedicated dispatchers and courier drivers.
  9. Few Restrictions: Our national presence and extensive fleet allow you to grow your business without any extra restrictions. 
  10. Customer Satisfaction: At Lab Logistics, this is our number one priority. By accomplishing 1-9, we strive to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

The result for each client is a custom medical courier model always delivering the most reliable service of the highest value. Our priority has always been and always will be about our clients and how we can work together to improve healthcare.  

Contact us or reach out via sales@lablogistics.com or 855.522.5644 to discuss how Lab Logistics can help.