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At Lab Logistics we take our role as your medical courier service seriously. We make sure we get the job done well and on schedule, with our on-time service rate remaining above 98.5%. To us these timely deliveries and pick-ups, though essential, should only be seen as the foundation–we strive to go above and beyond expectations. This is why Lab Logistics looks to become your partner– with open communication, advanced technology, dedicated staff, and a customized courier program. Through these methods, businesses of any size can reach optimal success and have room for growth.

Prioritizing Keeping Costs Minimized

Keeping costs minimized is often a high priority for all parties. Through our customized, streamlined, and cost-efficient courier services we are able to minimize your costs in a number of ways:

  • Taking a Consultative Approach: Through observing, analyzing, and collecting data on your current systems, the team finds opportunities to improve workflow and turnaround time to save you money. With years of experience in the medical courier industry, these suggestions come from having an eye for small changes that can create big savings. 
  • Combining our Experience with Advanced Technology: In this industry, it takes more than just a knowledgeable and experienced team to get the job done in a cost-effective way. Lab Logistics offers the most advanced technology in the industry. Our routing software can save your business anywhere from 18-40% on courier costs! And, you can trust it won’t be the Lab Logistics team alone that has access to this technology. You see what we see, and have access to real-time tracking through our Online Management System.
  • Experts in Medical Transportation: Lab Logistics is recognized in this industry for doing more than simply delivering on-time pick-ups and deliveries, but doing so in a consultative way, with complete transparency, and customized models for all. Our only focus is on the healthcare industry and on helping your businesses thrive, grow, and expand.

Helping You Grow

At Lab Logistics, not only do we aim to optimize your current business models, but we also aim to support your growth and expansion. This is one of the ways we believe we can do more for you. Our customized courier models are scalable for each business size, optimize your operations, and support future growth. Here are some ways Lab Logistics is here to help you:

  • National Presence: We hold a national presence and have an extensive fleet available to larger businesses. This means you can grow without restrictions, and without additional costs that might come from companies with fewer resources. We work with over 450 hospitals and labs, including the largest medical institutions in North America. This gives us the knowledge and experience in handling clients of a larger size, and the know-how to help smaller businesses grow!
  • Dedicated Team and Beyond: We think it’s important to get to know and become familiar with you so that optimal success can be reached. We ensure you have the same dedicated couriers on the same routes, every day. This routine and familiarity minimize room for error. Account managers are assigned to handle and oversee any changes. For larger businesses that might operate across multiple states, we go beyond this team and work with UPS, FedEx, or other services to find next-day flights for shipping of your specimens and samples.


The Advantage of Partnering with Lab Logistics

We’re proud to be known for going above and beyond, and believe our customized methods and personalized touches are the advantage to working with Lab Logistics. Getting to know our clients, their expectations, current needs, and hopes for the future, and using our experience and technology to ensure we meet these, are some of the ways you can see our team as a partner to your business! If you have any questions about what we do or are ready to get started with the Lab Logistics team, please contact us, or call us at 855.522.5644.