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Delivering the highest-valued courier service while saving clients up to 40% in costs

Three months into 2018 and we are continuing to see a unique shift in health care.

Connecting Growing Healthcare Networks

As healthcare networks expand, the efficiency and consistency of their lab services is a must for growth. That's where we come in.

With recent cuts to laboratory reimbursement rates, how do health systems and labs save on costs and gain competitive advantage?

With change comes adaptability and the experience to optimize, implement, and manage courier models that place our clients ahead. Lab Logistics consistently saves health systems and labs 18-40% in medical courier costs.

Our Signature Route Tracking Technology Gives You Complete Visibility

This time of year it seems especially apparent that time is of the essence when it comes to punctual and dependable delivery of precious items for a stress-free customer experience. Lab Logistics operates in this mindset every day of the year.

Company Growth Drives New Brand Identity

Lab Logistics launches new brand image, including a fresh brand mark and cutting-edge responsive website.

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