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  • Lab Logistics Advantage

    Lab Logistics does more than fulfill your medical courier need. We actively apply our combined 100+ years of experience and advanced proprietary technology to create a custom, optimized, and cost-efficient courier model to improve your company and support growth. Discover the unique advantages of working with us as your professional courier service.

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    Cost Savings

    Our experience and customized routing software have consistently saved our clients 18-40% in courier costs. Prior to starting and throughout the duration of our services, we examine your existing courier system, analyze the data we collect, and identify your opportunities to save.

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    Our senior management has over 100 years of combined experience optimizing medical courier systems for labs, hospitals, and health systems. Together with our team of trained and reliable medical couriers, we implement customized solutions to ensure efficient and secure transportation of specimens and samples for our clients.

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    Our national presence and extensive fleet allow you to grow your business without the extra restrictions or capital expenses associated with smaller or in-house fleets.

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    High Service Level

    We understand the extreme sensitivity and importance of the specimens we pick up and transport. Our goal is to provide consistency and familiarity for you and your clients. Our on-time service level consistently remains above 98.5%.

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    Advanced Technology

    Lab Logistics provides customers with the most advanced technology in the courier industry. Couriers are monitored through customized dispatch software that is fully integrated with barcode scanning and GPS tracking. Our OMS provides clients with real time route tracking, online order entry and advanced reporting capabilities.

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    Increased Controls

    Our professional courier tracking technology is built with prime precision to control route tracking through our proprietary barcode scanning system, GPS, and fully integrated software for increased controls to our medical labs. Our sophisticated technology means seamless and efficient operations from pickup to delivery.

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    Online Management

    Our Online Management System provides transparency into the entire courier process. Real-time/historical route tracking, online order entry and detailed reporting, provide clients with access to the same information that the dispatchers and couriers see.

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    Improved Turnaround

    Lab Logistics takes a consultative approach to each client’s courier program. Our account management team, using years of best practice, makes suggestions based on real data to constantly improve turnaround time and workflow improvement into the lab.

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Dispatch Support

Advanced Technology

We develop and implement a secure, transparent, and efficient courier model specific for your hospital or health system and built for optimum performance. We utilize our advanced custom software and technology to coordinate seamless and consistent operations and professional courier tracking among doctors, medical laboratory technicians, and our professional couriers.

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    Online Ordering
    Our online order entry system is simple, easy to use, and accessible from any location.
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    Barcode Scanning & GPS Tracking
    Our customized software, full integrated barcode scanning and GPS allows for real-time tracking.
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    Route Tracking & Visibility
    We provide route tracking through our advanced GPS technology.
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    Online Tools & Reporting
    Online system provides easy to use order entry & reporting functions.

Our Only Focus Is The Healthcare Industry

Our mission is straightforward: create, implement, and manage a seamless medical courier service model customized to the hospitals and health systems we service. In doing so, we significantly lower the medical courier costs of hospitals, their campuses, and health systems while improving specimen pickup and medical delivery services across hospital campuses and departments.

Lab Logistics senior management has over 100 years of combined experience in professional courier services and logistics for the medical industry, assisting the largest hospitals and their clinical labs in North America. We understand how important quality, cost-effective courier services are to the success of every hospital, doctor, lab technician, and health system we serve. Our advanced systems and technology are developed to provide our clients with the highest quality, most precise courier services available.

Our Service

  • We Assist the Largest Medical Institutions in North America.
  • Our Senior Management has Over 100 Years of Combined Experience.

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